From His Heart to Yours: 5/3/13

 “But Jesus often slipped away to be alone so he could pray.” —Luke 5:16 (NCV)
 My heart is calling out to you, beloved. Take a deep breath–right here, right now, right where you are–and tell your racing thoughts to settle down for just a moment. Quiet your soul and come to Me. Place your ear on My chest and simply listen–listen to the beating of My heart. Hear the rhythm of My love. It’s steady. It’s strong. It never wavers. Draw strength from the unrelenting strength of My love.
Draw close little one—I’m already nearer than you think. Steal away from the busyness of the day–from the constant demands on your time–and lean into Me. Whenever you stop to listen, even in the midst of the commotion that often fills your days, you will hear my Spirit calling. In the stillness, in the silence—I am here. I am with you. Hear the tender whispers of My love. As you allow My love to wash over you, I will refresh and restore your soul. There is life in My voice. There is peace in My Presence. There is acceptance in My gaze–so look to Me.
I am always waiting. I am always watching. I never grow weary or restless. I am always accessible and available. And I long to be with you—anytime, anywhere. Quiet your soul, beloved, and be still. Be still and know that I am God.


If the Son of God Himself needed to take time alone to quiet His soul and commune with the Father, how much more do we need to do the same?  But the reality of our busy lives means most of us don’t get nearly as much “quiet time” as we need. While nothing can take the place of those blissful, unhurried times of lingering in His presence, we don’t need to wait until we have hours to spend before slipping away to be alone with Him. We are living, breathing houses of prayer—we are walking tabernacles of His Presence.  Sometimes all it takes is a moment of looking upward to tap back into that reality. When we are rightly aligned with the unhurried flow of heaven, a single moment of stillness becomes an eternal moment—a holy moment.  So take a deep breath—where you are right now—and slip away with Him.  Allow Him to lead you beside still waters …

He will restore your soul.


This seems to be a season where the Lord is breathing life into some old, unfinished projects. Some time ago I started working on something called “Love Letters: From His Heart to Yours ” It was a “listening” project, as much as a writing project. The Holy Spirit would highlight a particular verse then speak to me about it. I’d finish it up with a short devotional thought. I knew at the time He was speaking to me more for others than myself, but it didn’t seem the time to do anything with it. I wrote a handful then stopped. This past week, I felt a nudge to begin posting them here. I’m not sure if I’ll continue posting them or not–this may be one-week-only experiment! But either way, I hope you enjoy the first one 🙂

9 thoughts on “From His Heart to Yours: 5/3/13

  1. Second time this week I’ve read writings centered on Luke 5:16. I’m hearing what He is saying to me. PS: My vote is for more postings but you may want to write a query letter to see if a publisher is interested. They’re similar to “Jesus Calling” & I see a market. Don’t post if you want them published. They’ll reach so many more hearts in book/e-book form.


    1. Thanks for the input Kate! Flattered that you would take the time to comment and would even think there could be a market. I actually wrote them for a different purpose originally and never really envisioned doing a whole book of them–mostly because there already are so many things along the same lines out there and, for the most part, I’m not a big fan of the ones that are already published! (With the exception of “Come Away My Beloved”–which I love.) Not really sure what, if anything I’ll do with the ones I’ve already written–or if I’ll write more–but it is always fun to play with different ideas!


  2. Comparison is deadly to any believer. We may choose to follow a style that we especially enjoy, but we have to know that the words God has given to us are unique to us – with our flair and style…and unique audience as well. Never let someone else’s work prevent you from doing what God has given you to do.

    In other words, either put ’em in an e-book and sell them, or post ’em here. For heaven’s sake (literally), don’t leave them in your head or just on your computer. I guarantee you’ll be sitting in your rocker in your old age full of regret if you do. 😉

    My two cent’s worth!

    Praising Jesus for giving each of us our own message for the world!


    1. Ha, ha–thanks for your two cents! The only reason I even mentioned any “comparable” styles (if there even is such a thing) is because the person I was responding to had. I’ve actually got several books burning in my heart and head (I’ve actually already written a couple of them) this just isn’t one of them. These “love letters” were written for a specific project with an artist friend but it sort of sputtered out and we never moved forward with it. But I do enjoy the style and have sensed the Lord nudging me to write from His perspective now and again. What’s funny though, is that until I got your comment, I ‘d forgotten all about this post (and about doing any more with them)! I only wrote a handful, but you are right–I might as well do something with the ones I HAVE written (and who knows, maybe I’ll even write some more along the way) so for now I’m going to post the ones that are already complete on my blog each month. If any of them happen to bless even one person that’s more than what it’s doing sitting in my computer! Blessings~


      1. That’s funny! I never think to check the dates…just read what pops off the page at me.

        You’re right, they do more publicized than just on our computers. That one certainly blessed me!

        Glad to have “nudged” you to share them.

        Have a blessed day!



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