(Just for fun, click the link at the bottom of this post and read this while it’s playing …)
You are higher than we ever could imagine
And closer than our eyes could ever see
You are …
You alone are holy
No one else as glorious as You
Jesus You are worthy
Who can shine as brightly as You do
 (from the song “Magnificent” by Matt Redman)

I kept playing the song over and over again. Dozens and dozens of times in a single week. It captivated me. I couldn’t stop listening. It would end, and I’d just hit repeat. I couldn’t seem to move on.

I don’t know why. But I had to keep listening. There was something being stirred deep within my heart — within my inner man — each time I heard the words. Each time I sang the words something was being established …

Or maybe more accurately, something was being re-established. 

After about the 64th time I got it. (Yes, I made that up. I have no idea how many times it was, but it was a lot.)  It was so simple — so obvious — I don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out. But I finally did …

It had been a rough week. There was a lot of genuine difficulty. My emotions were already raw for a variety of reason and it went downhill from there. Things went south on almost every level and from lots of different angles. And, just for fun, I took it upon myself to make it all worse by not responding particularly well to any of it. I messed up–a lot. Nothing seemed to click. It was one of those weeks where I really just wanted to go hide under the covers. I wanted to zone out — veg out — check out — anyway I could. You know, just hunker down and try to ride out the storm.

Some days are like that. Some weeks are like that. Sometimes this broken fallen world simply catches up to us. Sometimes the fact that we are broken fallible people catches up to us. There are a lot of things that ought to be, that aren’t. And a lot of things that ought not to be, that are. We long for things to be different–and with good reason.  We weren’t wired for brokenness and imperfection–we were wired for wholeness and perfection. Our hearts are hardwired for beauty and glory, deep within  …

Magnificent! You alone are holy. No one else as glorious as You …

There will be bad days. There will be disappointment, and heartbreak, and challenge. There will be as yet unfulfilled hopes and dreams that leave us longing and aching for the beauty and perfection we were created to know …

Magnificent! Jesus you are worthy. Who can shine as brightly as You do …

But the fallen state of this world wasn’t my problem. The broken state of humanity in general wasn’t my problem. My problem was much more basic … and much more personal.

My problem was ME.

Yep me.  Me, myself and I–the unholy trinity at its worst.  I was down — I was disappointed — I was frustrated and confused — for one simple reason:

My focus was on me. 

But guess what?

It’s not about me. (And sorry, it’s not about you either.)

It never has been, and it never will be. I seem to be having to remind myself of that a lot lately.

It’s all about HIM

And he is …


Finally, I remembered what my spirit had known all along. I needed to lift my gaze. I needed to forget my lack, my need, my pain… and remember his glory. I needed to surrender my will (again). I needed to embrace his plans, his timing, his goodness. I needed to see  …


My problem wasn’t the  problems–my problem was my perspective. The problems of life are legit. They’re real. They cause our hearts to ache. They cause genuine pain.

But they don’t have to depress us or defeat us.

Most of the time, that is completely optional. I was making the wrong choice for a moment or two. I made myself the star of a very depressing world. But the Holy Spirit in his infinite wisdom and goodness was gently wooing my heart–and my focus–back to where it needed to be …


And he is …

You alone are holy
No one else as glorious as You
Jesus You are worthy
Who can shine as brightly as You do
Magnificent …
You’re so magnificent …

And when I remember who he is — when I set my gaze – my heart – my mind  above — nothing is impossible or hopeless.

Jesus, you are magnificent!

Click here to play the song.


6 thoughts on “Magnificent!

  1. Amazing, love the song. I especially got a good chuckle from this “Me, myself and I–the unholy trinity at its worst.” So true, will be remembering this one. Blessings to you in this brand new week.


  2. The song is beautiful…and so is your heart, Cindy. All because Jesus resides there and reminds you (and me) to keep our focus on you and worship…to put on the garment of praise, for the spirit of heaviness. It works every time. HE IS MAGNIFICENT….HE ALONE IS HOLY…AND WORTHY…NO ONE CAN SHINE AS BRIGHTLY AS HE DOES.


    1. Thank you Glenda. And yes, the song IS beautiful … magnificent! Great scripture reference, too. The garment of praise is WAY better than that terrible spirit of heaviness. I just need to remember that … 🙂


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