Book Release: The Key to His Heart

Well, after years of praying and pondering over  the stuff swirling in my heart; after more prophetic words than I can count about “the book” I was supposed to write (not to mention lots of random comments from complete strangers); after lots and lots of late nights writing, praying, researching, rewriting, and writing some more; and after a final struggle to LET IT GO …. my book “The Key to His Heart” is now available for purchase.

It feels weird. The melancholy part of me is bummed that it isn’t exactly as I would like it to be. (And that is where the Lord had to gently pry it out of my hands.) But there is also a huge sense of accomplishment. Even though there are still some imperfections (it’s taking every ounce of restraint I possess to keep from listing each of them for you!)–I can honestly say I have poured my heart and soul into this project. I know I’m offering Jesus my very best. With the resources available to me, and with my understanding of what the Lord has asked me to do–this is my very best.

Knowing that feels good.

So here it is. If I were to attempt to summarize the content in a sentence or two, I would say the book is simply about connecting to the heart of God–on  an individual and corporate basis–on a deeper level. And, in doing so, coming into greater awareness of, and alignment with, his dreams and desires.

I hope and pray that truly is an accurate description. Even more, I hope and pray that it is where the book takes people.

I plan to start posting some short excerpts on my blog a time or two each month. I’ll also link them to the special page I set up for “the book” (click on the tab above or here).

Here are the specific links to purchase each version of “the book” if you are so inclined:

  • Paperback copy on Amazon  ($9.95)– click here.
  • Kindle version ($2.99 or free to “borrow” for Amazon Prime members)–click here

Since this is the tough part of the process for me, I would love any encouraging feedback that any of you might have. I would be especially grateful to anyone willing to share this post, or links to the book, on Facebook or Twitter. If you are willing to post a review on Amazon, that would be even more helpful!  Since I don’t have the resources to coordinate a significant marketing effort, each and every share and review is hugely helpful and massively appreciated. I am so very thankful for any consideration in helping me to get the word out!

More than anything, I cherish any and all prayers sent my way. Anyone who reads this blog has an idea how transparent I am when I write. If possible, this book is even more revealing. It is rather intimidating to bare your heart before anyone and everyone who wants to take a peek, knowing full well not everyone will “get” you. Some people will completely misunderstand. Even more often, people just don’t care one way or the other. Which is okay–it’s not supposed to be for everyone–but that doesn’t make it easy. Although you learn to be at peace with whatever kind of response you get (or don’t get), it’s still a challenge to maintain the right perspective at times. At least it is for me.

But … for the sake of those who will understand … and for the sake of those who will care … I’m willing to risk the exposure. Really, more than anything, I’m willing to put my heart “out there” for his sake …

Just because he asked me to.

At the end of the day, that is the only reason  that really matters.  It’s also the only reason I need.

Thanks for allowing me to share a bit of my journey …

For his highest,

2 thoughts on “Book Release: The Key to His Heart

  1. I am so excited. Count me in to help promote any way I can. Super proud of you Cindy. Though I am off of my facebook, I can post on mine and Mike’s site as well as send out some quick tweets. Looking forward to getting the “finished” copy of this HEART work and am blessed to have in my possession the first go around, which I will cherish forever.


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