Uncomfortably Close

The corner of the coffee table was digging painfully into my knee.

My left arm was completely numb. My right arm, contorted at an unnatural  angle, was well on its way to the same state. My neck was stiff; my back and feet ached. I was beginning to sweat …

No, I wasn’t engaged in a torturous version of Twister. And I wasn’t making a failed attempt at some advanced Pilates moves.

I was praying.

Several of us had gathered prior to a larger meeting to chat and pray. We had been getting together for a while now–each of us with a deep desire to foster an environment of authentic community. A place where it was safe to be real.  A place that went beyond the surface of typical church chatter. Beyond the superficiality of platitudes and pleasantries.  We really wanted people to open up–to God and to each other.

So we prayed.

As we did, one of the girls thought we should link arms and press in close together.  We had done the whole “hold hands in a circle” thing before, but this was different. This brought us really close …

Uncomfortably close.

We were praying about some really cool things. At least I think we were. Honestly, I was so incredibly uncomfortable it was hard to tell!

That’s because getting close is uncomfortable. It’s awkward. It forces you to press in. It forces you to focus. It makes you sweat. It exposes your weaknesses.

Sometimes, it’s even quite painful.

It took every ounce of energy; every bit of perseverance and focus I possessed to “stay connected” that night. All of my natural instincts were screaming at me to pull away and get into a much more comfortable position.

But I didn’t.

I didn’t pull away because I valued what we were seeking more than I valued my personal comfort.

What about you?  Are you squirming as you’re reading this?  Is there something you’ve been praying about; something you’ve been desiring;  maybe even something the Lord has promised you, but every time you get close …

It’s just so dang uncomfortable?

Whether your desire is to get closer to …

  ~Another person
  ~A group of people
  ~A particular cause or issue or dream

Or all of the above.

You’ll never get close if you keep pulling away.

So risk a little. Sweat a little. Bend a little.


And get close …

Uncomfortably close.

3 thoughts on “Uncomfortably Close

  1. Really cool illustration! I like how the photo captures the essence. And what a catchy headline, too. Good truth here, Cindy, about getting close.
    BTW, I prefer praying in comfortable positions … LOL, i.e., pacing, rocking, sitting.


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