Wise Men Still Seek Him

The shepherds followed the glory.

The wise men followed the star.

Anna and Simeon followed their hearts.

They had one thing in common–they were seeking him.

 And they found him.

I imagine he didn’t look the way they thought he would look.  He made his appearance as an ordinary looking child.  A helpless babe–not a glorious king.  They probably could have shrugged off what they saw and dismissed their hopes as the product of an overactive imagination …

But they weren’t looking with their natural eyes–they looked with the eyes of their heart. They looked with the eyes of faith.   And to the eyes of faith–he was glorious.  Our promised redemption wrapped in human flesh.  A glimpse of  God’s embarrassingly lavish grace hidden in plain sight. 

It would have been easy to miss him.  Many did. He doesn’t do things the way we expect him to do them.  Often, he doesn’t look the way we expect him to look.  

After the crucifixion,  he was standing right in front of Mary Magdalene, yet she didn’t recognize him … until he called her name. 

The disciples on the way to Emmaus walked and talked with him for hours and hours, yet they almost missed him … until they realized their hearts had burned in his presence.

Is he calling your name?

Is your heart stirring … burning …to seek him?  To see him?

Not to merely know about him, but to know him.  Not to merely hear about him, but to see him.  

Yes, wise men still seek him.  And those who seek him, find him.   And those who find him are never content with a single glimpse.  Because once you’ve seen him–once you’ve truly glimpsed his glory and his majesty–your heart is forever consumed with the longing to …

     ~ Seek him

     ~ Touch him

     ~ Love him

     ~ Worship him

     ~ See him …

Again and again.

Have you seen him?  Do you want to?

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” —God (Jeremiah 29:13)

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