His Eyes

Look at me.

I wanted to. I needed to. But I couldn’t.  Instead, both my gaze and my heart remained downcast. 

He persisted.

Look at me.

I tried, I really did.  But I couldn’t quite will myself to look up.  So I  did what I should have done much earlier that morning–I cried out to him.

Help me, Lord.” 

Such a simple prayer.  Sometimes that’s all it takes.  An invisible hand gently tilted my chin upward as the  “Lifter of my Head” tenderly spoke to my heart yet again.

Look at me.

This time I did.  He asked one simple question.

What do you see?

The dam burst.  The wall of negative emotions that had surrounded my heart that morning gave way to a flood of his love.

“I see love.”
“I see acceptance.” 
“I see grace.” 
“Oh Lord, I know you adore me.”

I had been trapped in a spiral of toxic thoughts.  Someone had hurt my feelings.  Instead of quickly releasing it for what it was–a carelessly spoken opinion by someone whose opinion really didn’t matter all that much–I held on. I allowed the hurt to become an offense.  Rather than spending the time I had set aside for prayer that morning seeking  the One whose opinion did matter, I allowed the negative thoughts to have free-reign.  In failing to take my thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ–I became the captive.

But one look into his eyes set me free.  I knew the truth.  I was loved.  I was accepted. There was grace for me.  I was cherished. I was wanted.  I was adored.

One look into his eyes and I was able to release the hurt.  I knew the truth.  The person who hurt me was also  loved and accepted.  There was enough grace for both of us. 

One look into his eyes and I was restored. It is impossible to feel shame gazing into the eyes of the One who is Love.  It is impossible to feel hopeless gazing into the eyes of the God of all Hope.  It is impossible to hold onto regret gazing into the eyes of the Redeemer.  It is impossible to be downcast while looking up.

What do you need today?  Allow him to draw your gaze upward.  You never know what you might find …

With just one look into his eyes.

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”  –Psalm 34:5


There is life in his eyes.  Learning to hold his gaze has been a frequent theme in my relationship with Jesus and a frequent topic in the things I write.  Here is a link to a free verse poem I wrote on the same topic a couple of years ago:  https://cindypowell.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/in-your-eyes/  

Happy gazing!

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