Longing for Glory

Been thinking a lot about glory.  Been pondering and praying, too.  Been longing.  Been hearing a lot of messages that have stirred my soul and made my heart ache, even more, for glory.  The messages are great.  Praying and pondering is great.  But oh to taste.

have tasted– a little–but there’s more.  There is so, so much more.  I want it.  I want Him.  I love the things He does, but it’s His presence I’m after.  I’m after His heart.  I don’t want to put Him to work every time He shows up–I just want to be with Him.  And He is the God of glory.

There are many good things I’ve prayed for that remain unchanged.  But the best thing I pray for is His glory.  Maybe when I’m transformed, those other things will be transformed, too.  I’m transformed by His glory.   

“And we, who with unveiled faces, all reflect the Lord’s glory are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” ~2 Cor 3:18.

Ever-increasing glory.  We’re not supposed to top out.  We’re not supposed to plateau.  We’re supposed to keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking.  He will answer.  Christ in us is the hope of glory–ever-increasing glory.  Oh how I long for glory!


You are the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being — the exact representation of the God of glory.  When we see You, we see glory.  We were created for glory–that’s where we’ve  fallen short and that’s what You came to restore.  You want us to be with You where You are  and You dwell in glory.  You want us to be transformed into Your image and that means reflecting Your glory.  God, stir within us a longing that goes far beyond polite prayers and a quiet desire.  Stir an unquenchable thirst that cannot–will not–be satisfied with anything less than an ever-increasing revelation of glory.  Burn the chaffe from our lives—the distractions, the fear, the pride, all control and even our well meaning agendas—and make us fit for the glory. Let us cast all lesser desires—no matter how noble and good–down at Your feet until our only remaining cry is for glory.  Christ in us–the hope of glory.  In this generation, Lord, find those who are willing to lay it all down to simply be where You are.  Those who literally live and breathe in harmony with Your heart.  Those who are well acquainted with the courts of heaven and who carry the very fragrance of Your Presence into the world around them.   King of glory reign in us; reign over us; reveal Yourself to us and transform us … until the whole earth is at last filled with Your glory. 

Forever and ever ~


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