When I gaze into Your eyes I see the love that died for me The love that saved me The love that called me To Your side When I gaze into Your eyes I’m healed I’m whole I’m all You created me to be When our eyes meet Heaven and earth collide Into an infinite … More Gazing

Just One Glimpse

 Just one glimpse~    of your face Just one glance ~    of your eyes Just one touch ~    of your hand Just one touch from you   And it’ll be okay Everything will be okay   Just one beat ~     of your heart Just one breath~    of your life Just one … More Just One Glimpse

Better Words

I have a confession to make–sometimes I get tired of words.  Tired of my own.  Tired of hearing them from others. Tired of saying them, tired of praying them–tired of writing them. We all use so many words.  Sometimes we’re careless or insensitive and use the wrong words. Other times we use the right words, but we don’t live them.  Our … More Better Words