It is Finished

It is finished …
   No matter how far I have to go
   No matter how often I mess up
   No matter weak and foolish I feel
It is finished …
   No matter how far you have to go
   No matter how often you mess up
   No matter weak and foolish you feel
It is finished …
   Fear has been conquered
   Condemnation has been vanquished
   Sin and death soundly defeated
It is finished …
   No longer separated
   Brought near by his blood
   Reconciled and restored by grace
It is finished …
   It’s not about me
   It’s not about you
   It’s not about what we accomplish or how we perform   
It is finished …
   It’s all about HIM
   He paid the price
   He made the way …
For me.  For you.  For us … 
To be with him 


And I rejoice.
Lord, as we stand in the shadow of the cross, may YOUR victory once again overwhelm us with gratitude and awe. You did it–it IS finished!  Help us to remember that the victory has already been won. And that same victory is ours by grace through faith. Thank you, Lord, for making a way for weak and broken humanity to come to you just as we are. You never change. Your love never fails. You are forever faithful and forever true. Those who come to you will never be turned away and will never be put to shame. So Lord, today, we come to the cross. We come to you. Because that’s why you did it. That’s what you desire. You desire that we would take you at your word. That we would run into your waiting arms. That we would simply come … to be with you. 

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